Psychedelic and Incredible Emotions, painted in a infinite reality of endless freedom.

I am a Berlin artist who started with graffiti and through my work at the legendary Antaris Festival, I became more and more a psychedelic artist. In 2005 I started my own 3D Blacklight Art Gallery in Berlin and since then I have exhibited at almost all European Psy Trance festivals.

The Chaos Concept is my synonym for the universal creative source where all ideas and visions come from. The Power who divine us trough the Multiversity of our Existences. If we are in a clean, open and fearless mind, we can get a connection to this source and be able to create new and spectacular thinks. In my paintings I draw crazy ideas from this state of mind. Psychedelic journeys, Inner Landscapes and Incredible Emotions find also the way on canvas. I use blacklight colors to paint the visions so realistic as i can do. All paintings got an 3D Effect by using Chroma Depth glasses. I arrange the whole painting according to the principle of the rainbow to get this fantastic 3D effect. All pictures are painted with uv-pigments, binder and water on black canvas  in a “one stroke” paint technique. I try to keep the process and the material as clean and substantially reduced as possible. Beside my paintings I also create the Foam Art Series and do Textile Designs for Festivals and Artists.